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Godall Statements (English Translation) What is #Barçagate?

Alfons Godall confirms Barçagate Favors arbitration recognized by a former FC Barcelona vice-president (2003-10) when Joan Laporta was the FCB president
Favors arbitration was recognized by Alfons Godall
What is #Barçagate? An unprecedented refereeing scandal in Spanish football. Favors arbitration was recognized by Alfons Godall, a former FC Barcelona vice-president (2003-10) when Joan Laporta was the president.

Godall has revealed that the catalonian club sought a "good relationship" with the Spanish FA (RFEF), which has helped with refereeing decisions. Godall has voiced his belief that Barcelona's support for Angel Maria Villar in his battle for the RFEF presidency with Gerardo Gonzalez benefitted the Catalans in those years: "I think Laporta cultivated very good relations with these institutions and that helped us" Godall stated to Journalist Josep Soldado (La Sexta TV) on (08/03/2012)

Let's see all the Godall statements, english subtitled, that confirms Spanish #Barçagate refereeing scandal A.K.A "spanish Villarato"

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Full English Translation (please credit @rafa_nmj / La Moviola)

-- > Godall: "I remember the times when we started together (with Rosell)"

-- > Godall: "It was at the beginning of Laporta's era..."

-- > Godall: "There were elections at the Spanish Federation (RFEF)..."

-- > Godall: "I remember that once, Laporta had it very clear..."

-- > Godall: "Who's Florentino Pérez's candidate?"

-- > Godall: "Is it Gerardo González?"

-- > Godall: "Then I think the Barça should support Villar."

-- > Godall: "And that's what he did..."

-- > Godall: "He even went against the corporate vote line of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional..."

-- > Godall: "It was a nice time in our relationship with the Spanish Federation (RFEF)..."

-- > Godall: "A good relationship with institutions in which things are decided..."

-- > Godall: "Let's say... The referees committees."

-- > Godall: "The competition, the Liga de Fútbol (Spanish National Football Championship)..."

-- > Godall: "I think Laporta made things grew up, and very deeply..."

-- > Godall: "...being on good terms with these institutions..."

-- > Godall: "To an international level too: UEFA, ECA, FIFA, etc."

-- > Godall: "And... I think it helped us with the management..."

-- > Godall: "It had a decisive action during Villar's term of office"

-- > Godall: "We wanted to change the Committee..."

-- > Godall: "Laporta had it very clear..."

-- > Godall: "We must assist..."

-- > Godall: "We must be in the institutions in which power is exerted..."

-- > Godall: "...instead of turning our backs"

-- > Journalist (Josep Soldado): "Can this cause any harm to F.C. Barcelona? With refereeing, for example.

-- > Godall: "There's no doubt about it"

-- > Godall: "This absence is going against the club's interests"

-- > Journalist (Josep Soldado): "From the point of view of sport, for example?"

-- > Godall: "From that point of view, yes."

-- > Journalist (Josep Soldado): "How, for example?"

-- > Godall: "Well, as we were saying..."

-- > Godall: "Things as the 'refereeing balance'..."

-- > Godall: "If we talk about 'the difference between favorable and unfavorable situations'..."

-- > Godall: "And comparing to the rivals."

Villar from Spanish FA (RFEF) congratulating Joan  Laporta president of FC Barcelona, july 2003 BarçagateJuly 2003 -- > Villar (congratulating Laporta): "Good luck, and let's have success going back to this extraordinary club."

2011, 27th April -- > Mourinho: "I'll just ask a question:

-- > Mourinho: "and I hope to know, someday, the answer" "hoping to have an answer someday..."

-- > Mourinho: "and the question is WHY?..."

-- > Mourinho: "Where does all this power come from?"

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